What is Social Security

Social Security is a public program which was founded to provide different entities to individuals living in the low class bracket with an income that is not sufficient enough to support them in their day to day lives. The Social Security card is given to individuals in form of a nine digit number and it functions in different events. Social Security refers to a program that was established in 1935 by the Government of the United States of America. Societies have throughout the history devised ways to help and support the low class bracket in the country. In the year 1937, the Government issued citizens and other dwellers with cards of identification.

The identification card is a blue card which contains a nine digit number. The numbers are very unique and different from one individual to another. The Government uses the numbers to keep a track of a person’s earnings and taxes collected from what the person receives as earnings.The card is issued to citizens of the country. The card may also be obtained by application of Form SS-5. It is then issued by an independent body which is found in the Government. There are three different SociaI Security cards which are administered to the individual by the Government, all replaceable at application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/long-take-get-social-security-card/.

The most common one is the identifier which contains the individual cardholder’s name and the number which forms the social security. The other types are restricted and limited to individuals living permanently or temporarily in the country. They include; One that clearly stipulates “not valid for employment.” These type are a clear representation of cards that do not act as proof for work authorisation. They are mostly not acceptable because they do not meet the requirements for a List C document on the i-9 Form. The other one clearly states, “valid for working individuals with DHS authorisation.”

These are issued to individuals who posses a valid work permit authorisation and have been allowed to work in the country for a period of time. The card is made up of a nine sequential digit number which is shown in the format “AAA-GG-SSSS.”The nine digit number is evidently divided into three different parts; the first three digits which are represented by “AAA” and is generally and commonly referred to as the area number. This is because the numbers were initially assigned according to the geographical location. They were assigned beginning with the North coast towards the South. Basically, that means the people from the address in the North coast had the lowest numbers whereas the people towards the South had the highest tally in numbers. The second group of digits are found in the middle and are represented by “GG.”

They are commonly referred to as the group numbers. These numbers range from 01 to 99 and were issued in different orders according to odd and even. And finally the four digits represented by “”SSSS which shows an individuals serial number. Before the randomisation of the card numbers, the serial number had a numerical sequence from 0001 to 9999 from the group. The numbers provided on the cards are not reused Social Security numbers.