Ever been charged with Driving while intoxicated? What did you do? If not yet charged you might be looking for the best thing to do when charged with DWI. Different people have got different ways to solve this, but on my side, the best way to deal with this is speaking to your lawyer. Lawyers especially those specialized in this area help deal with the charges in a professional way thus making the case easier. Speaking to a lawyer at the Law Office of Timothy R. Brown offers the best solution since it has got some advantages as shown below:



When charged with DWI the police in charge of traffic may decide to pick your driving licenses thus preventing you from driving. This may lead to delaying or missing some important functions. To avoid this, it is advisable to speak to a lawyer who can speak on your behalf and help you retain them while legal steps are being followed.


We have heard cases of police officers violating civil rights of different people in different states. Some of them may fake reports while others may handle you inappropriately at the traffic stop. This can be avoided by calling your lawyer immediately.


Some of the breathalyzers used are of low standards thus making the tests inaccurate. Calling your lawyer immediately gives him a room to ensure that the correct standard breathalyzer is used thus giving the correct required results.


Traffic police may arrest you on an invalid field sobriety test. They can administer the test improperly or they may use totally inaccurate results to have you arrested and charge you with DWI. Your lawyer can challenge the test and have your charge dropped.


After a DWI arrest, you have to plead either you are guilty or not guilty. Experienced DWI lawyer should advise you correctly how to plea following how you were arrested by the traffic officers, might be they improperly read your rights thus making it advantageous to call your lawyer.


Hiring an experienced DWI lawyer will be helpful in that it ensures that the correct procedure during your arrest is followed. This will help reduce harassment by the officers. The lawyer should also ensure that the correct tests are done using accurate requirements.


During the trial, an experienced lawyer is needed to handle the witnesses and the testimonies from the traffic officers with a profession. A lawyer will lessen all charges against you and fight for your rights in some ways. The lawyer will also be in a position to try and sway thejury orjudge in your favor.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there are many others which may make one call his/her lawyer during a DWI charge thus making it advisable to have one when charged. DWI lawyers help lessen penalties.

Social Security is a public program which was founded to provide different entities to individuals living in the low class bracket with an income that is not sufficient enough to support them in their day to day lives. The Social Security card is given to individuals in form of a nine digit number and it functions in different events. Social Security refers to a program that was established in 1935 by the Government of the United States of America. Societies have throughout the history devised ways to help and support the low class bracket in the country. In the year 1937, the Government issued citizens and other dwellers with cards of identification.

The identification card is a blue card which contains a nine digit number. The numbers are very unique and different from one individual to another. The Government uses the numbers to keep a track of a person’s earnings and taxes collected from what the person receives as earnings.The card is issued to citizens of the country. The card may also be obtained by application of Form SS-5. It is then issued by an independent body which is found in the Government. There are three different SociaI Security cards which are administered to the individual by the Government, all replaceable at application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/long-take-get-social-security-card/.

The most common one is the identifier which contains the individual cardholder’s name and the number which forms the social security. The other types are restricted and limited to individuals living permanently or temporarily in the country. They include; One that clearly stipulates “not valid for employment.” These type are a clear representation of cards that do not act as proof for work authorisation. They are mostly not acceptable because they do not meet the requirements for a List C document on the i-9 Form. The other one clearly states, “valid for working individuals with DHS authorisation.”

These are issued to individuals who posses a valid work permit authorisation and have been allowed to work in the country for a period of time. The card is made up of a nine sequential digit number which is shown in the format “AAA-GG-SSSS.”The nine digit number is evidently divided into three different parts; the first three digits which are represented by “AAA” and is generally and commonly referred to as the area number. This is because the numbers were initially assigned according to the geographical location. They were assigned beginning with the North coast towards the South. Basically, that means the people from the address in the North coast had the lowest numbers whereas the people towards the South had the highest tally in numbers. The second group of digits are found in the middle and are represented by “GG.”

They are commonly referred to as the group numbers. These numbers range from 01 to 99 and were issued in different orders according to odd and even. And finally the four digits represented by “”SSSS which shows an individuals serial number. Before the randomisation of the card numbers, the serial number had a numerical sequence from 0001 to 9999 from the group. The numbers provided on the cards are not reused Social Security numbers.

To buy or not to buy? That is the question that plagues both new home buyers and experienced ones alike. Suppose you’ve been shopping around- and you’ve found a gem of a place, and the seller has dropped the price below the market price; you would surely be tempted to snap up that deal, worrying about selling your existing home later. Surely it would fetch enough to finance your new acquisition- should you trust your impulse-buy instincts? Or listen to the voice of reason whispering in your ear?

There are no simple solutions to that age-old dilemma, but here are some reasons for and against selling the family abode before securing a new one.

Why you should sell your home first

Much depends on whether it is a buyer’s or seller’s market. In a buyer’s market, selling first unequivocally makes more sense; you do not want to pay interest on two loans simultaneously simply because you cannot sell your home after committing to a new one. Though you can defray some of that by renting the home you’ve bought, it’s a risky endeavour.

In a seller’s market there is a case for buying first, as your existing property should be sold quite quickly to we buy houses in Houston. However you could overvalue your home if you are sentimental and be left with insufficient to pay for the new place.

Indeed in most cases you’d probably want to sell first- it’s the best way to ensure that you’ll be able to afford your prospective property without risking financial hiccups, overestimating the value of the family abode or a sudden turn in the market; regardless, you’d have enough to buy home… if not the home of your dreams.

Also, once you’ve committed to buying a property you’ll find yourself under tremendous pressure to sell your old one as fast as possible- you do not want to default on your new purchase after all. This means as the deadline looms you’ll likely take whatever offer you can get, gaining less than you would expect from the transaction. This is even worse in a slow market, when more time is necessary to sell your house- while time is not on your side.

Why you should not sell your home first

On the other side of the coin though, selling first means that you will probably have to pay more and have to undergo various financial and non-financial hassels; you’ll likely have to rent if you hadn’t found a suitable place to buy yet- and you’ll likely have to move twice, spending twice the effort compared to having your new home ready and waiting for you. Moving into a hotel and keeping most of your stuff in cold storage is another option, but this too will take a financial and emotional toll on your family.

Also, once you’ve sold your home, you’d best find a replacement soon; housing prices tend to go up over time, barring financial crisis, pushed up by inflation and speculation. As time marches on, so too does the value of homes- leaving you with a wad of cash that is worth less in real terms over time.

So what should YOU do?

Overall, the verdict is clear. While you’ll likely have to undergo greater personal and emotional stresses were you to sell first, this pays off by exposing you to smaller financial risks. Sell first, then buy a home that suits your budget seems to fit most situations.

There are many vital steps to business success, but there are two stages no business can do without. One, you need to establish your brand, and two, you need to advertise your brand.

Every year, companies pour millions of dollars into advertising and marketing their brand to establish themselves in the marketplace. They advertise, they market, and they brand everything from clothes to pens and coffee cups.

But what about bags?

Most people don’t think about the bags they bring home from stores. They shove them under the sink, use them to clean up after the family pets, or drop them off to recycle. However, many companies have seen custom printed bags as a vital marketing opportunity. And they’re starting to take advantage of it.

A December 2007 article in the New York Times discussed how major retailers like Lord & Taylor, Bergdorf Goodman, Macy’s and Juicy Couture are moving away from disposable one-shot bags. Instead, they’re investing in high-quality, custom print bags their customers not only love but also use over and over again. How’s that for stretching your advertising budget?

Custom print bags give your company additional exposure in a competitive market. Maintain a commitment to quality by providing custom bags that match the quality of the products customers are buying.

That bag may reappear later as an extra purse or an overnight bag. Other potential clients will see that bag with your name and logo, and they will associate your company with quality. Customers also remember the bag they received from you, and that will be a factor in future shopping decisions. Custom print bags can help encourage customer loyalty.

When you’re ordering custom print bags, here are three things you need to keep in mind.

1) What is the use of the bag?

More than something else, your bag’s use will affect the choices you have regarding material and quantity. Depending on the use you have in mind, some materials will work better than others.

For example, a San Diego sheriff contacted us to make a bag for prisoners to use for the commissary. Since he wanted a reusable bag, it couldn’t be paper, so we decided to use vinyl. However, we couldn’t give a vinyl bag to prisoners as-is. It might end up over someone’s head. So, we planned the bag with plenty of holes in it.

Though this is an extreme example, it does illustrate the importance of planning for the intended use of your custom print bags. It helps a bag supplier decide how to best meet your needs.

2) How many do you need?

The number of bags you need plays a crucial role in what your bag supplier can do for you. This is something your sellers will want to know even before you discuss materials for your bag. Individual custom print bags simply cannot be manufactured cost-effectively in small quantities.

It costs the same for the manufacturer to start up the printing press whether they’re printing one bag or 100,000 bags. The economy of scale comes from the printing machine running for longer periods of time.

For example, if you want to print a picture of your store on your bag, but you only want 1,000 bags, the printing cost would be $400 per bag. That’s simply not feasible for you or your bag supplier. However, if you ordered 10,000 of those custom print bags instead, the cost per bag scales down considerably.

Every one of us would not wish to live without this priceless asset, right? In light of this, numerous households are still discovering it difficult to have a consistent supply of this priceless asset. As a result, this makes life intolerable and fairly unpleasant to this group of individuals. Nonetheless, with the help of water well drilling services from Lancaster Drilling, this problem could pertain to an abrupt end once and for all.


The majority of individuals particularly those in the remote areas; use this valuable resource to sustain their needs. As a result, it becomes incredibly tough for them if they are without a steady water supply. It is additionally really pricey in case they need to buy this valuable resource. Nonetheless, if you live in a remote location where there is no constant supply of this precious item, you can easily drop a part of your land where professionals can attempt and trace this valuable resource.


The accessibility of a borehole enables you to maintain your farming tasks as this commodity plays an integral role in the growth of yields. Therefore, this guarantees that you can initiate irrigation activities for your yields to have a constant supply of this asset, particularly during summer time. The availability of a borehole also allows you have a continual supply of geothermal power in your house.


Not only does this help to reduce power related costs, but it also helps to conserve the environment as this method of does not have any effects on the environment. Apart from the benefits of digging a borehole, it is important to know the type of equipment that you need to use for this type of project. It is important to ensure that you have a boring rig that is up to the task as well as a rig that is within your budget.


It is not advisable to ignore the reliability and quality of the rig as this can give you many problems in the middle of the project. Before, choosing a rig to bore your borehole, ensure that you can know the manufacturer of that rig as this plays a big part in ensuring the success of your project. Always choose a rig from a manufacturer who has had positive reviews from past users. Windmills are also something to look at when considering water well drilling. You should also look into the cost of water well parts because it is highly likely that that will affect your budget.


The biggest benefit of hiring a drilling service is that you’ll know exactly how your drinking system is working. Similarly, the biggest issue with the public water system you have used all these years is that it does not allow you to understand how it is coming. You may dislike something about the public water system or the quality of water you are getting, but you will never be able to bring in any changes in that. You will not face such problems while using water well.


These wells are installed within the property of the user, and the user has the right of managing it exactly in the way he or she wants. As a result, when you use such wells, you know from where the water is coming and the treatments it has undergone. The water that comes out from these units are pure and also tastes much better compared to the water coming out from the public water system.


Also, ensure that the outfit is easy to use without much trouble. There are different water well drilling companies that can do this job on your part. Lastly, if you are purchasing a rig for commercial applications, guarantee that the outfit is mobile to facilitate simple motion.